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Meditation on the World Crisis by Richard C. Cook October 11, 2013 Humanity is in the midst of a cosmic transformation. We are in the End Times. Simultaneously we are experiencing the gestation of the New Earth. Established structures are using modern technology to erect the most pervasive web of totalitarian control in history. Yet [...]

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The film “The Challenger Disaster” highlights Dr. Richard Feyman’s role in bringing to light the technical causes of the space shuttle Challenger tragedy after the crash of Challenger on January 28, 1986. Feynman, a professor at the California Institute of Technology and 1965 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, was a member of the [...]

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Within the European Union, a profound awakening of public consciousness is taking place as organizers seek to obtain one million signatures on a petition in favor of a basic income guarantee for all citizens. Under the EU constitution, this number of signatures is required for the proposal to undergo formal study and debate by the [...]

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Journey to Ireland by Richard C. Cook October 4, 2013 Karen and I just arrived back home in Roanoke, Virginia, from a trip to Ireland. We both have Irish roots, so it was a journey of self-discovery, along with a pilgrimage to a place with many layers of spiritual inspiration going back thousands of years. [...]

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By Richard C. Cook The Creator is involved in a tremendous work in the formation and sustenance of the universe. The creation works by means of a vast emanation outward from the center into increasing densities of vibration. Sparks of divine consciousness—particles of the Creator—travel along this outward path for a definite purpose—to become co-creators [...]

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The Quest for ‘Intelligent Infinity’ in the Age of Ascension By RICHARD C. COOK “Enlightenment” is a word often expressed as an ideal by spiritually-minded people, but it can also be vague and overused. A better alternative: consciousness of “Intelligent Infinity.” What is today called “Ascension” means access to this state by many more of [...]

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Why Do Human Beings Exist? by RICHARD C. COOK If we are honest about it, we have to admit that if we do not know why human beings exist, then we do not know why we personally exist, since we are in fact human. Obviously we are driven to activity by many external sources—parents, school [...]

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By Richard C. Cook As the world of materialism, war, and money roars down the track toward whatever may be its date with destiny, it is yet a time when the hidden knowledge contained in all spiritual traditions has been revealed to mankind. Through the internet in particular, many more individuals have access to information [...]

Challenger Disaster

In January 1986 Cook became the first NASA official to testify publicly on the space agency's prior knowledge of flaws in the solid rocket booster O-ring joints that destroyed Challenger and took the lives of its seven astronauts. He told his story in the book Challenger Revealed, published in 2007. Publisher's Weekly wrote of the book: "Easily the most informative and important book on the disaster."

The Cook Plan

What I am calling the 'Cook Plan' is to pay each resident of the U.S. a dividend, by means of vouchers for the necessities of life, in the amount of $1,000 per month per capita starting immediately as our fair share of the resources of the earth and the productivity of the modern industrial economy. The money would then be deposited in a new network of community savings banks to capitalize lending for consumers, small businesses, and family farming.

Omna Last

The Lite in the Heart can be experienced when there is enough Love awareness and a strong enough energy field for consciousness to enter deep within the Heart to the place where the Atma lives, shining more brightly than a million Suns.