Heaven and Hell on Earth

We have the power to choose whether Heaven or Hell shall constitute our Earthly experience. This is what people should be taught above all else. Only then can the rest of our education make sense.

Unfortunately, secular education in the Western nations is not based on spiritual truth. Instead, it is controlled by ideologues who work for the wealthy and powerful controllers of society.

These ideologues are the core of the intelligentsia. Within the United States, their principal bastions are the Ivy League universities and related fascio-elitist institutions like the University of Chicago, Stanford, my alma mater, the College of William and Mary, etc. They also inhabit such bastions of conceit as the foundations set up to assure the perpetuation of elitist power by wealthy donors like Carnegie, the Rockefellers, Ford, Gates, etc.

One of the prime tenets of these ideologues has been that humanity is evolving. This myth was put forth by British professors of the 19th century who taught that mankind arose from a primitive state in certain “cradles of civilization.” Combined with Darwinian ideas that humans “evolved” from apes through “survival of the fittest,” this theory of history elevated “the war of each against all” to the status of theology.  

The academic ideologues thus teach that over the last 6,000 years, various groups of “cave men” were transformed into the Western geniuses of today. These and other Masters of the Universe revel in the supposition, not that they are pygmies standing on the shoulders of the giants of history, even very ancient history, but that they are of the utmost importance in their own right.

Of course the more we learn of the past the more we see this is simply not so. The idea of a progression in human affairs is based on one phenomenon only: the development of science and technology.

With respect to the history of art, music, poetry, literature, and even the general level of spirituality or state of consciousness, the typical modern man–us– is revealed as a brutal and vain sensualist, unable to think or act freely, and afraid of the slightest fever, skin eruption, or subcutaneous pain. We are told where to live, what to eat, and what material possessions to covet.

In other words, we modern men, though divine in our essence, act as weaklings and cowards, pathetic in our manifold needs and desires, yet only too ready to conquer other nations, even torture and kill for supremacy, in order to enhance our own tenuous sense of security that disappears like a mirage at every moving shadow.

In fact, man today has not progressed at all when compared to humanity of the past. Rather, he has degenerated by every definition that matters. It is the chiefs among these degenerates who are the controllers of society today.

It is the most angry, cunning, dishonest, grasping and ruthless among us who rise to the top of every institution. They run the governments, the corporations, the institutions of higher learning, the intelligence agencies, the military forces, and above all the banks and investment houses, particularly the central banks that create money at will. In fact money was invented for one purpose only: control.

The present-day objective is obvious: total control of human populations through genocide.

In this respect the leaders of the Western nations are the descendants of the rulers of imperial Rome. There is a direct line of descent, physically or in spirit, from the hierarchy of the ancient Roman Empire to the ruling castes of all Western nations, including the United States. In fact the British ruling class from whom America’s counterparts obtained their self-image consciously modeled themselves on the ruthless ruffians of “classical” times.

We should remember the deep abyss of violence and cruelty by which Rome ruled the world. If you went along, you might get a piece of the action. If you did not, you, and many like you, would be crucified on the nearest hilltop or along a public highway.

If there were thousands of you in revolt, you all faced the same fate: a lingering death, preceded by the most abject humiliation. They even did it to the Son of God. Then they rewrote the scriptures, scapegoating the Jews for His death and putting words in His mouth to “render unto Caesar.” These words still provide the justification for clerics to support the violence of the state against any and all threats.   

Of course the early Church sold out when, in the fourth century C.E., it acquired great privilege by allowing itself to become the official state religion. The controllers and their official clergy have been crucifying Christ and those created in God’s image ever since.

And they are doing it today, often, perhaps, through less obvious means. One of these means is cutting budgets for public services, the current outcry among those who seek to exploit the fear people have of losing what they imagine they have to the have-nots.     

In reality, the average person, brainwashed through the mass media, including the pablum on popular internet sites like Yahoo and MSN, hasn’t a clue about what the controllers have in store for him or her.

Since the fraud known as 9-11 was perpetrated, the number of individuals with top secret clearances within the U.S. government has exploded. Shouldn’t we be asking these people with no visible means of support or legitimate work to do what they are planning?

Part of the plan is clearly totalitarian control of all the world’s resources and processes, with the U.S. military the action arm of those who pull the levers behind the scenes.

Being secret and military, the one thing that is certain is that their plan is one based on death to all who stand in the way, which is likely a majority of the world’s population. It is the only way the controllers can think of to solve what they see as the main problem—too many people for the resources available.

The obvious solution to this is to get rid of most of these people. It makes perfect sense.

But the truth is that all these people are creations of God, a Being the controllers do not believe in, even though He is the very Self of all.

Under the delusion of ego, the controllers believe they are God. This is the definition of “Satanic” and points to the original rebellion of “the one who fell.” This Fall opened the door in turn to the Fall of Man, the insane idea that a human soul is self-creating and superior to God.

This is why the controllers themselves are so deeply asleep in their essence, though they too will someday experience the resurrection along with those they persecute, for all will return in time to the Source.

Until then they have created a hell-of-a-mess on planet Earth. This planet occupies a special and unique place in creation. It has the greatest diversity and natural beauty of any planet, so is viewed by the heavenly hierarchies of Gnostic lore as “the Jewel of the Universe.”

True, it is dense and the abode of a deep and abiding materiality. Yet it is said in certain esoteric sources that every created soul in the entire Universe must pass through the Earthly experience for at least one lifetime in order to take a major step on the pathway to balance.

But most end up trapped here through identification with a physical body that is planetary, not cosmic, in its nature and so metaphysically illusory. So they stay in the Earth’s vicinity, coming and going in the long and tedious process of births and rebirths the Buddhists call samsara.

This is the real explanation of the population explosion. Technology has made possible the physical maintenance of all those souls trapped in the ether who now have flocked to physicality in one gigantic effort to complete their Earthly sojourn and move off to the next stage of their evolution, eventually to go back to their origin. This evolution involves passing through many other existences besides that of Earth.

What the controllers should be doing, instead of trying to exterminate these people, is to aid their evolution by helping them have all the experiences of peace, joy, abundance, learning, etc., to which their status as Sons and Daughters of God entitle them. Earth can and should be a Paradise.

By seeking to hasten the departure of ordinary people from physicality through poverty, war, genocide, epidemics, etc., the controllers are condemning them to a lengthy period of quiescence where they are warehoused in the etheric realms, awaiting a rebirth that may not take place for thousands of years or longer.

This creates an immense bottleneck in the evolution of souls throughout the Universe. In other words, the Earth and its etheric surroundings within the Solar System have become like a train station crammed with passengers, many shunted off to local hotels and boarding houses, where the outgoing trains have ceased to run, leaving the whole operation in a state of confusion, overcrowding, misery, and stagnation.

The controllers, in their Satanic delusion, have failed to understand all this. They believe they are in a game that can only be won by keeping other human beings from enjoying the bliss to which they are entitled.

But if they permitted this bliss, and helped usher it into existence, they too would benefit. They too could move off to their next adventure. They too are trapped in materiality from which they cannot escape.

And because they must bear the consequences of their blindness and cruelty, they will be even worse off after death than those they persecute. They will have to wait even longer than their victims for release, being confined to some dense and faraway places, where getting a ticket back to Earth involves a very long wait. Places like this are literally “hell.”

This is the future which those who hold the top security clearances the controllers dish out are preparing for themselves by persecuting their brothers and sisters in Christ. They have sold their souls to the devil in a Faustian bargain.

So for those who read these words, please think long and hard about what you are doing to yourselves and your offspring and realize it doesn’t have to be this way. Understand  that the time has come when it is all about to change.

The Higher Powers, known in Gnosticism as the Aeons, will not allow the present catastrophic situation to continue. As you know, they are gathering to make their will known as they last did 2,000 years ago.

It is time for you and your extraterrestrial allies to become part of the solution by getting with the divine program. I will be describing this program, to the extent I have been able to learn of it, in my new book, The Coming of the Aeons.  

One thing I know for certain is that those who are coming come in peace. Meanwhile, those who love God and His Son need have no fear. The guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit are ever present. Heaven on Earth is also possible. Indeed it is inevitable. In truth, it is here and now for those with eyes to see.

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  1. I dont know if you have seen the moive ”waking life”. this guy cant get out of a dream . ..until he meets a dude playing a pinball machine who reminds him of what phillip k. dick said ” we are still in 50 A.D. in the book of Acts but we just dont know it ”.
    though see how Jesus dealt with dark powers literally and in the shadow self of people , he said ”greater works shall you do than me , becuase i go to the Father”. so , the book of Acts is what needs to be restored on earth . those greater works . that great divine light thru us will dispel darkness. its just that we gotta get cleaned out first . and stay that way .

    Comment by rocket on October 26, 2010
  2. A very interesting view of things. I am trying to find the truth and have come across many view points. This one makes it into my top-of-the-pops (grin)
    Something went wrong somewhere a long the way and maybe like you say

    “Of course the early Church sold out when, in the fourth century C.E., it acquired great privilege by allowing itself to become the official state religion”

    Maybe this was the start of it.

    great post


    Comment by gurnygob on November 2, 2010
  3. “To see the whole history in a real light, read “Evolution of dictate” by V.M. Kaitoukov
    at http://www.philosophyevolution.com/main_en.htm
    It explains why as you say
    “It is the most angry, cunning, dishonest, grasping and ruthless among us who rise to the top of every institution. They run the governments, the corporations, the institutions of higher learning, the intelligence agencies, the military forces, and above all the banks and investment houses, particularly the central banks that create money at will. In fact money was invented for one purpose only: control.”
    With best regards
    Yuri Stoilov.”

    Comment by Yuri Stoilov on November 4, 2010
  4. I wonder if you would please comment on how an individual can go about setting up his own monetary system for his own family? Have you tried? It seems to me with all of the entrenched evil among the leadership change is impossible! Not talking about a cult. Just start with one rich person who can recruit others…maybe ralph nader has it right…only the rich can save us! If the events of the last few years can’t bring about real systemic change then only a grassroots campaign led by someone outside of the establishment will work…but this person must have all of the charts/graphs/proof that it is currently working…with more credibility than ross perot! Are you the one to lead us?

    Comment by jr on December 25, 2010
  5. it’s not going to happen, but the simplest, most peaceful action we can all take against the global banking system and its leaders is to go to our banks and take all the money out. i personally love the othe option: the return of our Lord, JESUS CHRIST.
    come JESUS!

    Comment by peter on April 16, 2011
  6. Richard, I was very moved by your article, which I see was submitted in Oct 2010, and I have just read.You have addressed the collective and the individual ” soul. ” I can only ever talk about my own experience,as an autobiography of my soul if you will, and the opening paragraph of your article really hit home.
    The moment one wakes up to having ridden on Satan’s horse and the subsequent repentance and henceforward changing of one’s life, is the start of one’s salvation. Then one can see how the Satanic forces grip our wonderful Earth, as the surely did for all of us, till rebirth in The Holy Spirit. But this is a spirit of truth and the truth will out. God Bless you in your endeavours to awaken to this Universal truth.I can vouch that life before the Christ truth is a hell indeed,and that release of the chains is the most wonderful occasion in one’s life.
    Looking forward to reading your book very much indeed.

    Comment by lorenzo64 on April 18, 2011
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